Visit the workspace website

The Workspace is a tool for those working on climate change related problems and provides an interface for decision makers and climate experts to collaborate with one another.  Each group working on a specific climate problem creates a new project page to collect, organize, and develop resources for their problem solving. One goal of the Workspace is to make information relevant to the projects available to other decision-makers facing similar climate questions or problems to expedite their problem-solving process.

What is the Workspace?

  • an online collaboration environment used to find, store, and develop resources relevant to climate change decision-making

Who uses the Workspace?

  • teams of collaborators working on climate-related problems

How do I get started using the Workspace?

  • have all project members register for an account
  • create a project page and add members
  • upload existing resources relevant to your problem
  • search the Resource Portal for additional useful resources
  • collectively analyze, evaluate, and synthesize climate information for your problem using your project's wiki space
  • upload to your project space any products/resources/materials that are developed by your team to share them with others

Read more about the intended users of this site, how to use this site, and GLISA's approach to climate change problem solving